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Masterclass: THE OVERLOOKED LINK BETWEEN DIGESTIVE DISORDERS AND SIBO with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and your host Shivan Sarna

Learn how SIBO is related to other digestive issues like acid reflux and why gallbladder, liver, and pancreatic health are critical to healing SIBO. Overlooking these issues could be the reason your SIBO won’t resolve. A must-see for anyone with SIBO and other chronic health and digestive issues.

  • Can PPIs cause SIBO? Dr. Sandberg-Lewis’ perspective may totally shock you.
  • The most dangerous and severe form of reflux that affects people with SIBO.(that most physicians don’t understand)
  • The link between SIBO and diabetes.(important if you’re prediabetic or carrying extra weight, too)
  • How does gallbladder surgery affect SIBO? Learn why doctors are split down the middle about this common surgery performed on 750,000 Americans a year.

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