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How Drainage Addresses Gut, Lymph and Hormone Health with Dr. Ginger Nash

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  • Bonus #1: The Thyroid, MMC, SIBO Connection: What to Test and How To Treat It with Dr. Gary Weiner

  • Bonus #2: Balancing the Thyroid and Hormones for Men and Women SIBO Patients with Dr. Robyn Kutka, ND

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How Drainage Addresses Gut, Lymph and Hormone Health with Dr. Ginger Nash

  • Why and what drainage is the missing element in so many chronic conditions 
  • Homotoxicology for strengthening organs and improving detoxification
  • Emunctorology - what is the difference between drainage and detox?
  • Why is the lymph system so important and how to keep it activated
  • How does lymph relate to gut, hormone, and nervous system health