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Biofilms: The Underlying Cause of Unresolved Chronic Disease (including SIBO, Parasites, and Candida)
Dr. Ilana Gurevich, ND, LAc will be teaching:

  • What a biofilm is, why it develops, and how it behaves in the body - including preventing treatments like antibiotics from doing their job
  • The bacteria and fungi that are known biofilm instigators, and what chronic conditions they play a role in (Candida, parasites, SIBO, and more!)
  • Pharmaceutical and natural treatments that WORK for biofilms and help reverse SIBO, SIFO and other chronic infections

Learn about IBS, SIBO, and digestive health from the experts with Shivan as your advocate and guide.
Answers, understanding, and relief!

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✅ Instant Unlimited Online Access - to the video recording of the entire masterclass including the Q&A
✅ Downloadable Audio listen on the go, anytime, anywhere
Transcript - Searchable, save and print
Community - SIBO SOS® Community Facebook group provides support every step of the way

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