SIBO SOS Podcast with Dr. Pimentel

I’m so happy to announce the new SIBO SOS™ Podcast. I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Mark Pimentel, head of Pimentel Laboratory and the MAST Program at Cedars-Sinai yesterday. (He is working every day to find a cure for us.)

If you aren't on Facebook or missed the broadcast for whatever reason. I took that conversation and some highlights from other sessions I have had with him this year and put them into our first podcast. (It is so new it isn’t even on iTunes yet, you really got the scoop by being part of the SIBO SOS™ Community).

I hope you also enjoy the transcript as a special goodie in celebration of this new project! (I took out the introduction and dove right into the content with the transcript to get you to the good stuff right away.) Sign up to have the files emailed to you. The next page that opens will give you access to download the transcript and audio files immediately too.

I hope you are inspired to take action after listening to Dr. Pimentel. I always feel so hopeful after speaking with him.

Big hugs,

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