Discussion About the Reasons SIBO and Other Digestive Disorders Remain Chronic


Dr. Sandberg-Lewis is the grand master of Naturopathic Gastroenterology, practicing for 33 years and counting, and was the Gastroenterology teacher of Dr. Siebecker, Dr. Weiner and Dr. Guggenheim. Learn from a teacher’s teacher on some of the least talked about reasons SIBO and other digestive disorders remain chronic.

  • What is the most dangerous and severe form of reflux that affects people with SIBO (that most physicians don't understand)
  • Why are the liver and pancreas 2 of the most overlooked organs — and how to maximize their efficiency for your health
  • Could SIBO cause diabetes… or the other way around? If you are pre-diabetic or overweight, this session’s a MUST
  • How does gallbladder surgery affect SIBO? Learn why doctors are split down the middle about this common surgery performed on 750,000 Americans a year
  • Can PPIs cause SIBO? Dr. Sandberg-Lewis’ perspective may totally shock you

What is Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis’ secret weapon for SIBO (FASCINATING and no one else is talking about this!) 

"I think if you think you have SIBO, going to your local gastro may not be beneficial. There is so much new information coming out... this is the place to be in the know."
~ Masterclass participant

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