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Can’t make it live? You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and get the notes,  recordings, transcripts, and still get the discounted price!

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Can’t make it live? You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and get the notes,  recordings, transcripts, and still get the discounted price!


 8 Masterclasses | 8 SIBO Experts | 8 Live Question & Answer Sessions

Over 24 hours of live online interaction



 Are You On The Right Track?Learn What Works From SIBO Experts 

  • For less than the cost of one doctor appointment, get direct access to some of the most brilliant and experienced medical professionals in the field of SIBO 

  • Learn the latest research, best-practices, natural and conventional medicine for your next action steps to improve your health

  • Get concrete skills to make SIBO “not such a big deal” (or go away completely)

  • How to manage SIBO as a chronic condition while you discover your underlying cause(s)
  • More than just breath tests! Learn which blood, stool, or other tests to take and when

  • Discover what else might be exacerbating SIBO: Mold? Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome? Lyme Disease? Sulfur Issues? Genetics? Motility?

  • How to decode the lingo and become a "better" patient: SIBO, IBS, IBD, GERD, NERD,SIFO, WAR, MMC, PPI, etc...

  • How to maximize your results when coping with constipation, diarrhea, weight loss, weight gain, nausea and the all-time favorite, bloating


Come to each day’s Masterclass and ask our experts your question live. Or register, get the recordings, and listen at your own pace. (If you can't make it live, you can still submit your questions in advance!) 


Learn Directly From The Source

Practical, cutting-edge, up-to-date information on the most relevant and aggravating SIBO topics to give you the right skills to manage symptoms and causes.

The classes are taught by top practitioners in the field. Each class will be held LIVE followed by an intensive Q&A.

Why is this different?

There’s no need to travel to get life-changing insights from the best doctors. This event has all the benefits of a health conference (yes, they are a thing and they are a huge help!), with none of the travel hassles or expenses. If your symptoms flare when you travel, this is a great opportunity this is to participate from the comfort of your home. (PLUS you don't have to worry about a cat/dog-sitter!)

With the SIBO SOS™ Virtual Online and LIVE Conference, you can submit your questions in advance. You also get the full transcripts and recordings. 

The Q&A portion is the best part. You have questions and so do other SIBO patients and practitioners. You will learn from their questions and they will learn from yours. Get answers for those elusive SIBO mysteries you’ve been trying to crack. Rapid information exchange = rapid transformation!


SIBO Research Updates on Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane and More - Dr. Mark Pimentel

Digestive Disorders & SIBO Co-Conditions in Need of Management - Dr. Sandberg-Lewis

Got Mold? How Mold-Related Illness & How it Impacts SIBO - Dr. Ami Kapadia

A Step-by-Step Approach for Finding Your Underlying Cause of SIBO - Dr. William Salt

Hydrogen Sulfide and SIBO: The Potential Cause of SIBO - Dr. Greg Nigh

Joint Hypermobility Syndromes: An important underlying cause of recurrent SIBO - Dr. Guggenheim

Prokinetics 101: What's in the Expert's Toolkit - Dr. Allison Siebecker

The Thyroid, MMC, SIBO Connection: What to Test and How to Treat it - Dr. Gary Weiner

Lyme Disease & SIBO Masterclass - Dr. Tom Messinger (Bonus with purchase of the complete package)

The Low-Sulfur Diet For SIBO Success - Maria Zilka (Bonus with purchase of the complete package)

SIBO Breath Testing - Gary Stapleton (Bonus with purchase of the complete package)

Virtual Conference

 Enter coupon code EXTRAVAGANZA at checkout for 10% off, expires July 1st! 



SIBO Research Updates
on Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane and More



Dr. Pimentel is one of the worlds leading SIBO researchers and doctors. Learn his latest discoveries from his research on Hydrogen Sulfide, SIBO and post-infectious IBS. Our last masterclass with him sold out. Be sure to get your questions in EARLY!

  •  What is the newest research on Hydrogen Sulfide, SIBO and post-infectious IBS
  •  The relationship between Hydrogen, Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide in SIBO patients
  •  Discover the latest update on Hydrogen Sulfide testing

We've been waiting to hear what he's been up to, and now you can hear it from him directly. His last SIBO SOS™ Masterclass sold out with rave reviews and we’re thrilled to have him back.




Digestive Disorders
& SIBO Co-Conditions
in Need of Management



Dr. Sandberg-Lewis is the grand master of Naturopathic Gastroenterology, practicing for 33 years and counting, and was the Gastroenterology teacher of Dr. Siebecker, Dr. Weiner and Dr. Guggenheim. Learn from a teacher’s teacher on some of the least talked about reasons SIBO and other digestive disorders remain chronic.

  • What is the most dangerous and severe form of reflux that affects people with SIBO (that most physicians don't understand)
  • Why are the liver and pancreas 2 of the most overlooked organs — and how to maximize their efficiency for your health
  • Could SIBO cause diabetes… or the other way around? If you are pre-diabetic or overweight, this session’s a MUST
  • How does gallbladder surgery affect SIBO? Learn why doctors are split down the middle about this common surgery performed on 750,000 Americans a year
  • Can PPIs cause SIBO? Dr. Sandberg-Lewis’ perspective may totally shock you

What is Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis’ secret weapon for SIBO (FASCINATING and no one else is talking about this!) 



Got Mold? 
How Mold-Related Illness & How it Impacts SIBO

Dr. Kapadia has an extensive protocol for dealing with the most difficult cases. She is a functional medicine practitioner and a specialist in environmental medicine. Her expertise in chronic conditions and mold exposure is invaluable. Patients with SIBO, other GI symptoms and autoimmune illnesses whose symptoms do not respond to typical protocols must consider the potential role of mold.

  • What are the signs of mold toxicity — and can it ever go away on its own?
  • Which mold tests are the most accurate (And why a more expensive one does NOT mean it’s better)
  • Where are there hidden sources of mold in the house or car? That black stuff on the shower tile... is it making my SIBO worse?
  • What to do when your regular doc thinks you’re crazy talking about mold and SIBO — which scientific studies to print out and take to your appointment



A Step-by-Step Approach
for Finding Your Underlying Cause of SIBO

As an Integrative Gastroenterologist and educator for the past 40 years, Dr. William Salt’s methodical approach to accurately diagnosing the root cause of digestive disorders including IBS, SIBO, Methane-Associated Constipation, Carbohydrate Maldigestion (FODMAPs), Sucrose Intolerance, Bile Acid Malabsorption (BAM), SIFO (small intestinal fungal overgrowth), Crohn's disease and Colitis.

Discover if your diagnosis is actually correct or if symptoms are actually caused by associated conditions like …. Celiac disease, Mast Cell Disorder/Histamine, Colitis, or GERD.

  • Real talk: What’s going on in a normal vs. abnormal digestive system
  • What is the “triad of symptoms”
  • Why the term “diabetic enteropathy” needs to be part of your day-to-day vocabulary (if it isn’t already)
  • How does the microbiome REALLY impact SIBO: the insider knowledge from an Integrative Gastroenterologist
  • Is your diagnosis actually keeping you from remission? Find out without taking a dozen new tests




Hydrogen Sulfide and SIBO:
ThePotential Cause of SIBO


What does it mean if you get a flatline on a SIBO breath test? Are you’re in the clear? Or do you have a type of bacteria overgrowth that isn’t yet detectable by today’s SIBO tests? 

Dr. Nigh’s view is that the overgrowth of hydrogen sulfide bacteria is the body’s way of trying to compensate for something — but what?

  • Why are sulfur issues the “canary in the coal mine” and what are the red flags? (If you have brain fog, you MUST know about this)
  • Hydrogen and methane have been well-studied, but could hydrogen sulfide be the missing link we’ve all been waiting for?
  • How much do genetics play a role in dysfunctional sulfur pathways — and how can you hack your own biology for SIBO relief
  • Which common foods contain sulfur (besides the obvious ones)
  • Could glyphosate (a toxic herbicide that’s the active ingredient in Roundup) be aggravating SIBO symptoms — and how to detox safely with what’s in your cabinet right now



Joint Hypermobility Syndromes: An important underlying cause of recurrent SIBO


Is there such a thing as being too Flexible? Most people never heard about Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, but it could be causing a series of unusual symptoms, especially for people with SIBO. People who are super flexible may have this condition that causes organs to move around freely inside the body. Learn the risk factors that are common causes of SIBO — and the best treatment options that relieve symptoms fast.

  • Creeping headaches, hyper-flexibility, joints that stretch further than normal, and stretchy skin? Learn the warning signs of this connective tissue disorder

  • Can hypermobility joint disorders cause SIBO to develop?

  • What happens when an organ gets in the way of the flow of bacteria in the body

  • What’s Dr. Guggenheim’s super aggressive protocol that we LOVE — including when to ditch the alternative approach

  • What are the symptoms of joint hypermobility syndromes, including the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, nervous and cardiovascular systems?

  • What is the connection between mast cell activation syndrome, a type of immune cell dysfunction and joint hypermobility syndromes



Prokinetics 101:
What's in the Expert's Toolkit



Prokinetics are a very helpful class of medicine with both natural and pharmaceutical options, that many practitioners weren’t trained in, and many patients aren’t offered. While they are an essential (and often underutilized) part of SIBO treatment, did you know that prokinetics are used for many other diseases that affect digestion as well as symptomatic relief for multiple digestive symptoms such as acid reflux, nausea, bloating and constipation?  Join Dr. Siebecker, one of the top SIBO specialists in the world, as she shares how this underutilized class of drugs and formulas help relieve digestive symptoms.

  • Which diseases and symptoms can prokinetics help?
  • Get clear on what prokinetics ARE and what they’re NOT. (If you think they’re a laxative, you’re not alone.)
  • How and why diarrhea patients can use prokinetics too.
  • Prokinetics weren’t taught in school? We got you covered: mechanisms of action, safety, dosing, logistics.
  • Is there a best time of day to take a prokinetic? (the answer might surprise you)
  • What if prokinetics aren’t covered by insurance or offered as part of treatment?
  • What about really stubborn cases – can we take more than one prokinetic at a time?



The Thyroid, MMC, SIBO Connection: What to Test and How to Treat it



It’s shocking! Many experts are talking about the gut and SIBO, but most don’t realize the connection between the thyroid and SIBO. This Masterclass is essential for anyone treating or dealing with SIBO, Hashimoto’s, and hormone imbalance symptoms like fatigue, sensitivity to cold, depression, and impaired memory. For a good many SIBO patients, this is the big missing piece — and why prokinetics alone are often not enough.

  • Could fixing hormones imbalance solve digestion problems for good?
  • Are hormones ultimately the key player in proper digestion?
  • If you’re not included in the 33% of SIBO patients who see immediate results with typical treatments, what else could be wrong?
  • Why typical thyroid tests given by Western Medicine doctors lead many people under-treated, poorly-treated, and under-diagnosed
  • What is the shocking connection between the Migrating Motor Complex and the thyroid that no SIBO patient or practitioner can overlook?

Who is This Conference For?

Patients who need SIBO relief now

Some people with SIBO, IBS, and underlying conditions will be able to feel better faster than others. Why? It’s because they’ve armed themselves with an education and learned what to do. 

Practitioners who want to go from “dabbling in SIBO treatment” to a SIBO pro  

At the end of the series, you’ll be able to better implement protocols and treatments for your SIBO and IBS patients, no matter what specialty you’re in. Increase your confidence and ability to answer your patients’ questions — and most importantly — your ability to help them. Get the foundation to offer them the best alternative and/or conventional treatments. 

More About Who You'll Be Learning From

Learn from the best. Taught by an eclectic group of SIBO experts.

Dr. Mark Pimental, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Pimentel is Professor of Medicine, Executive Director, active researcher in numerous clinical studies, and he is published in the most esteemed medical journals. Dr. Pimentel has been invited to present his groundbreaking medical discoveries around the world.

Dr. Ami Kapadia 

Dr. Ami Kapadia, MD, ABIHM combines holistic and functional medicine with traditional and complementary therapies. She has a special interest in digestive disorders, (IBS, GERD, etc.) and autoimmune disease — and the role of food allergy and environmental toxins in these conditions.

Dr. William B. Salt II, MD

Dr. William B. Salt II, MD A revolution in recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of IBS and SIBO is happening. Gastroenterologist William B. Salt II, M.D. is one of the few experts paving the way. He has over 40 years of clinical practice and teaching experience and has authored several books.

Dr. Greg Nigh, ND, LAc

Greg Nigh is a Naturopath with a Masters in Science and Oriental Medicine. Alongside his passion for researching and implementing alternative cancer therapies, he is a prolific author, researcher, and featured presenter at professional medical conferences around the country.  

Dr. Gary Weiner, ND, LAc

Transforming his own health through diet motivated Dr. Weiner to change from a successful career as writer and producer to a career in medicine. With over twenty years of clinical experience, Dr. Weiner writes and lectures frequently to professionals on IBD, SIBO, IBS, and the Elemental Diet.

Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP 

Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis has been a practicing naturopathic physician for forty years. For 33 years, he has been an advanced gastroenterology professor at one of the nation’s top naturopathic schools, National University of Natural Medicine. Complex and unresolved GI conditions comprise his clinical focus.

Dr. Alena Guggenheim, ND

Dr. Guggenheim is a Naturopath who became the go-to provider for patients with complex symptoms in many systems. She noticed that many patients had undiagnosed hypermobile connective tissue diseases (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), which is now her passion.

Allison Siebecker, ND, LAc

“Queen of SIBO” Dr. Siebecker is a naturopathic physician, award-winning author, clinician and educator, whose integrative curriculum and protocols, along with her free educational website have been instrumental in modern Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth treatment globally.

Shivan Sarna, Host

Shivan’s personal journey with SIBO changed her life. Now more than ever, she wants to give others the opportunity to experience what she created for herself — less suffering and a healthy future.


Can’t make it live? 

You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and get the notes,  recordings, transcripts, and still get the discounted price!


Bonuses That Come With The Full Pass


Lyme Disease & SIBO Masterclass and Q&A with Dr. Tom Messinger

Live on July 22nd from 12-3pm ET

Learn from an experienced Naturopathic Physician who specializes in SIBO and Lyme Disease so you can rule out Lyme or make progress on treatment.





The Low-Sulfur Diet For SIBO Success Masterclass and Q&A
with Maria Zilka

Live on July 22nd from 4-7pm ET

Learn about the low-sulfur diet and why this under-the-radar approach might be the missing link you’ve been after. Taught by nutritionist Maria Zilka, NTP, this Masterclass is complementary to Dr. Greg Nigh’s Hydrogen Sulfide Masterclass. If you felt like you’ve tried everything, a low-sulfur diet could be your answer.





SIBO Breath Testing Masterclass and Q&A
with Gary Stapleton (pre-recorded)

Many SIBO patients have had a false positive or false negative breath test result and it severely delays healing. That’s why both patients and practitioners need to understand what different tests are available and how to interpret them. Learn the 3 specific questions you MUST ask the breath testing lab to be sure you’re getting accurate results. Gary Stapleton explains it all during this Masterclass that will change the way you think about the main indicator that SIBO is in remission.






$59 off the SIBO Recovery Roadmap™ Home Study Course 

If you’ve ever wondered exactly which tests to take and when (for SIBO or otherwise), which treatment recommendations to follow, and what your very next step should be, this comprehensive course gives you the foundation for successful remission.



Virtual Conference

Enter coupon code EXTRAVAGANZA at checkout for 10% off, expires July 1st! 

Recap of What You Get With the Full Pass!

Invites To ALL 8 Live Masterclasses

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Ask your question live and get an answer LIVE!

All Video Recordings for Ongoing Online Access

Access to the entire online conference recording to listen anytime in the future.

Full Written Transcripts

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Useful Handouts and Additional Resources

Class notes, outlines, and other exclusive material so you get the most from each session.

Bonus LIVE Masterclass and Q&A: Lyme Disease & SIBO

Learn from an experienced Naturopathic Physician who specializes in SIBO and Lyme Disease so you can rule out Lyme or make progress on treatment.

Bonus Masterclass on SIBO Breath Testing with Gary Stapleton

This Masterclass is a must-see before your next breath test

Bonus Masterclass on The Low-Sulphur Diet with Nutritionist Maria Zilka

This approach could be the missing link to solve SIBO symptoms.

Bonus $59 off the SIBO Recovery Roadmap™ Home Study Course

This comprehensive course gives you the foundation for successful remission.

Can’t make it live? You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and get the notes,  recordings, transcripts, and still get the discounted price!


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