Are you uncertain what to eat with SIBO? Or when the right time to eliminate and introduce foods is?

You're not alone.

Finding the right SIBO diet - and then transitioning to a long-term way of eating - can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating. 

But it doesn't have to be this way! 

Right now, you can learn from SIBO expert Dr. Nirala Jacobi exactly what to eat when to recover from SIBO (and stay healthy) with the Bi-Phasic Diet. 

The Bi-Phasic Diet is just a fancy way of saying "2 parts."

Part 1: REDUCE certain foods and REPAIR the damaged gut.

Part 2: REMOVE remaining overgrowth and RESTORE normal gut function.

Watch this excerpt from Dr. Nirala Jacobi's Masterclass to learn more

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Dr. Nirala Jacobi covered:

  • Why it's often NOT recommended to start with antimicrobial therapies

  • How to move through different levels of dietary restrictions and treatment interventions'

  • How to support digestive function during treatment

  • Die-off Management — what to do and what NOT to do

  • How to optimize antibiotic therapies

  • Why food intolerances such as histamine, salicylates, and oxalates are commonly seen in SIBO

  • How to manage post treatment to prevent relapse

  • How to confidently prescribe the Bi-Phasic Protocol to your patients who have SIBO or other functional digestive disorders

  • Why following a protocol is better for clinical outcomes and prevention of relapse

  • Which digestive support to use in phase 1

  • Which antimicrobials to consider in phase 2 

  • How to prescribe strain-specific probiotics for specific SIBO symptoms


Dr. Nirala Jacobi, BHSc, ND (USA) is considered one of Australia’s leading expert in the treatment of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a common cause of IBS. She is the medical director for, an online testing service for practitioners. She is so passionate about educating other practitioners that she founded “The SIBO Doctor”, an online professional education platform. She lectures nationally and internationally about the assessment and treatment of SIBO and is the host of popular podcast for practitioners,The SIBO Doctor. She is the medical director and senior Naturopathic Physician at The Biome Clinic, center for functional digestive disorders in Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

Is this you?

  • You don't know which diet to follow for SIBO
  • You’re not sure if you should try the SIBO diet or the Bi-Phasic Diet and Treatment Protocol
  • You're a SIBO patient who has already tried the SIBO diet - but you aren't getting the results you'd hoped for fast enough
  • You're ready to start the Bi-Phasic Protocol and looking for specific guidance on how to implement it.
  • You’re a Naturopathic Physician, Integrative/Functional MD, or Nutritionist/Dietician looking to educate yourself about how to best serve your patients


Are you wanting to:

  • Learn a tried and proven SIBO protocol from a leading-edge expert in the field?
  • Feel confident in the intricacies of a successful SIBO diet protocol?
  • Attract more patients who are in need of gut health experts?


Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s Bi-Phasic Diet and Treatment Protocol Can Help Reduce Your SIBO Symptoms Quickly


What People Are Saying

These are some of the comments from participants at the live event! 

“Much appreciative of all the teaching! You are both amazing! Staff too!”

~ Kathleen

“Great Masterclass and Q&A, thank you both of you!"

~ Merja

“Wonderful information! Thank you so much for our class. 💕”

~ Teresa

“Totally awesome!”

~ Bill

Question“This has been VERY educational even though I thought I couldn't learn any more! I'm so looking forward to finding a vetted practitioner to work with. I now look forward to starting the SIBO Bi-Phasic diet.” Thank you both!!”

~ Betty

“Thank you Dr Jacobi! You are very generous with your answers and time.”

~ Kristy

Learn directly from SIBO specialist and creator of the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet and Treatment Protocol, Dr. Nirala Jacobi. 

This Masterclass is a deep dive into how to implement her approach and why this strategic treatment for SIBO treatment is one of the most effective options available.

The SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet describes a protocol of diet, combined with specific gut healing and antimicrobial phases.  

Created by Dr. Nirala Jacobi, it is based on Dr. Allison Siebecker’s SIBO Specific Food Guide, which is a therapeutic diet that combines the low FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) and Specific Carbohydrate Diet.


Learn how to manage food intolerances like histamine, salicylates, and oxalates using what Dr. Jacobi does in her Clinical Practice...



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Reduce: The first phase of the diet reduces fermentable starches and fibres to starve bacteria 

Repair: Damage to the intestinal lining and proper digestion is repaired in this phase..

This phase is divided into two groups to be able to adjust the strictness of the diet.

Restricted diet — everyone starts with this diet. Some have to stay on this diet for the entire six weeks. How quickly the patient can move to the semi-restricted diet depends on how quickly their symptoms improve. The practitioner may recommend starting at this level if the patient is prone to rapid weight loss or need more energy from starches.



Remove: remove remaining overgrown bacteria and fungi from the small intestines, antimicrobials will be prescribed. 

Restore: the restoration of the normal motility of the small intestines is important to prevent relapse of SIBO. In this phase you may want to recommend pro-kinetic medication or supplements.

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