Are you confused by all the breath testing options for SIBO?

Which one is best? Are they all accurate? What do the results REALLY mean? 

We were confused too - so we decided to ask an expert and create the...

SIBO Breath Testing Decoded Masterclass and Q&A
with Gary Stapleton, founder of Aerodiagnostics™ Lab!

The right testing is vital to receiving an accurate SIBO diagnosis - and that diagnosis is the critical first step to getting started on the road to recovery from SIBO.

Your treatment will be based on these lab results, so it’s crucial to get them done right in the first place.

That’s why it’s so important to be educated about the process, including how to choose the right lab, knowing what machines they use and how they work, what exactly they’re testing for, and how to understand the results.

This knowledge can save you both time and money, and spare you the frustration of  choosing the wrong treatment.

"I feel I am getting the best information to take back to my doctor. I appreciate Shivan and they way she asks questions, clarifies things, and strives to get all the questions answered."
~ Susan, Masterclass participant


When you purchase, you'll receive...

  • Unlimited online access to the Video and Audio recordings, transcripts and handouts from all three portions of the Masterclass
  • Professional transcripts to read and download - and you can even share them with your doctor
  • Handouts to follow along and take notes
  • Access to 2 hours of Q&A Gary did with REAL SIBO patients like you, answering their most important questions
  • Access to our Facebook community of SIBO patients and practitioners

Gary Stapleton covered:

  • How to evaluate and interpret your breath test results so you get information you can use right away

  • What does peak vs. rise mean in a SIBO Breath test result? 

  • What if my breath test result looks like a flat line?

  • Which is better a glucose or lactulose breath test for SIBO?

  • Examples of breath test results, see him analyze the results.

  • The top 3 questions you need to ask a breath testing lab to ensure your results are accurate

  • Is it Methane? Hydrogen? Both? What you need to know to steer your treatment in the right direction

  • How the Hydrogen Sulfide gas impact the accuracy of current testing

  • What you can do to help prevent a false positive or false negative result


Gary Stapleton draws from an extensive career in commercial healthcare, including working for Calloway Laboratories, AstraZeneca, Bausch and Lomb, Caris Life Sciences, and Lerner Medical Devices. After many years in the healthcare arena Gary launched Aerodiagnostics™ Lab, which provides the highest level of diagnostic accuracy and customer service for patients and clinicians. Aerodiagnostics™ Lab is the only laboratory offering innovative and unique access to non-invasive hydrogen/methane breath testing. Gary is a true SIBO hero who has given out his email to thousands who have questions about SIBO test interpretation.

Don't let testing mistakes or misinformation hold you

back from SIBO recovery any longer. 

When You Buy The SIBO Breath Testing Masterclass, you'll get ...


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Watch 2 Hours of Q&A with REAL SIBO Patients who are asking the same questions you have! 


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Accurate SIBO Testing is the First Step Toward SIBO Recovery.  

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