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Help your patients feel better as quickly as possible. Get the CME credits and the entire contents of the SIBO SOS™ Summit Part I & Part II, including the valuable bonuses for only $296!



Here's how it works: 

Watch 11 of the SIBO SOS™ Summit Speakers from Summit I that are outlined in the CME area and take a short quiz to qualify for these CME credits.

You'll Learn

> What to do today to put what you learned in the SIBO SOS™ Summit to use

> The five biggest SIBO-busting strategies that are working for practitioners everyday

> How to create an action plan to guide your patients with the proper SIBO diet for them

> How to provide patients with customized options in treatment protocols

> Where to get in-depth advice on advanced topics to help your patients feel better fast

Purchase The Professional CME Package
 11 hours of CME credits

Only $296


Learn from true SIBO Experts


Dr. Allison Siebecker

SIBO Fundamentals: Overiew
SIBO Fundamentals: Testing
SIBO Fundamentals: Treatment

Angela Pifer

Starting SIBO treatment? It all starts by making the right choices

Gary Weiner

Discover how to “see” your IBS, IBD and SIBO to get the results you deserve

Lisa Shaver

Gluten, Inflammation and SIBO - The Tricky Trinity

Dr. Datis Kharrazian

The Brain-Gut Axis and SIBO

Michael Ruscio

New Ideas in SIBO Treatment and the Thyroid Connection

Daniel Kalish

Meditation + Lab Testing = Faster Results?(you might be surprised!)

Leoanrd Weinstock

SIBO & Restless Leg Syndrome, how to ease the misery

Melanie Keller

How Toxins and the Immune System Drive SIBO

Ritamarie Loscalzo

Physical Medicine for SIBO

Larry Wurn

Which came first: SIBO or Adhesions?

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners will benefit from THE SIBO SOS™ Summit. Whether you want to expand your practice to include SIBO patients or make SIBO your niche, this summit gives you the tools you need.

We're as serious about our commitment to ongoing learning as you are. We are proud to offer this summit as a professional resource.

Purchase The Professional CME Package
 11 hours of CME credits

Only $296


What people are saying

  • “Great job on a relevant summit. I learned a lot and will apply it to my own healing. Thank you for stepping up into this role of sharing your story and bringing together lots of experts. Summits are a lot of work!”


  • “I think you have done a fabulous job of bringing this all together. It is especially important and helpful for those of us (me) who live in countries that do not have a strong integrative focus— so thank you. (It does make me a bit homesick for the U.S., though!) I am really looking forward to the next summit, particularly the session on kids, as I have three with chronic illness—at least one with SIBO.”


  • “Once again you amaze me with the experts, content and the Incredible value offer in this summit. Can't wait to digest (pun intended) all the information. You are an answer to my digestive prayers! THANK YOU!”

    Karen Cook

  • “The biggest gift you have given me (and many others) is your organization of this second summit. So many times I feel helpless with this disease. Knowing there are thoughts, ideas, and suggestions by experts and other sufferers gives me hope that someday I will be well.”


Purchase The Professional CME Package
 11 hours of CME credits

Only $296