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How Brain Retraining Can Help SIBO Masterclass with Ashok Gupta

How Brain Retraining Can Help SIBO Masterclass with Ashok Gupta



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How Brain Retraining Can Help SIBO Masterclass with Ashok Gupta

Want to know exactly how the brain and SIBO are connected? This class is for you! Take a deep dive into how brain injuries and trauma relate to SIBO, including Ashok’s “amygdala/insula hypothesis for SIBO.” You’ll leave understanding this often confused link, and with tools to “reprogram” the brain - which Ashok calls the “software” of the body. 

Ashok Gupta credits his own recovery – and the improvement of many other patients over the past 10 years – to a combination of “Amygdala Retraining” techniques that may control the amygdala’s (and other brain regions’) responses, and change the vicious cycle. These self-help techniques, part of what some call ‘mind-body’ medicine, are derived from ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ – and supporting techniques include meditation, breathing, awareness and more.

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